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Peacemaking Starts with Us


Become part of the next generation of global peacemaking using the Nonflict way.

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Strengthening Communities

Yannick Mutambo Rajabu, Democratic Republic of Congo

"The Nonflict way helped me prevent marginalized youth from participating in tribal-ethnic conflicts."

Our Culture of Peace

Co-creating Peace

Empowering youth as the future leaders of peacemaking

Inclusion & Diversity

Giving a platform to different perspectives and abilities

Connection & Community

Forging alliances and trust in our local and global communities

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Trained Peacemakers


Employees say conflict resolution is a critical leadership skill


Countries using Nonflict to create peace

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The Nonflict Way

Our peacemakers are trained by certified coaches in Nonflict, a 3-step process to resolve any conflict.

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Understand Myself & Others

Nonflict starts with empathy. By getting clear on our own emotions and priorities, we can then place ourselves in the mindset of others.

Understand Our Shared Reality

When we speak openly about our differences and similarities, we can identify the conflict and the roadmap to all kinds of outcomes.

Co-create Our Ideal Reality

Together, we see the ideal solution, determine alternatives, and anticipate roadblocks along the way. Conflict becomes Nonflict through collaboration.

I first learned about Nonflict when I was a youth delegate at YOUNGAForum 2021. It really transformed my life and my family too, and now I want to be a Nonflict coach.

Emery Irakoze, Burundi

Become One of the Million Peacemakers

The journey to a peaceful future starts with Nonflict. Attend our next workshop and get training to share peacemaking methods with your community.

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Find Community

Youth volunteers are part of a global network of peacemakers who get Nonflict training, mentorship, and experience hosting workshops and organizing events.

Practice Nonflict

Peacemaking takes practice. Volunteers participate in Nonflict workshops and active listening exercises with partners.

Meet Your Mentors

Volunteers have access to Nonflict mentorship with our youth leaders, team leads, and board members on Discord and WhatsApp.

Youth Leaders Of Peacemaking

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"Million Peacemakers is a community that let me confront one of my biggest fears, conflict, in a constructive way. As the co-chair of the youth initiative, it brings me immense joy to see the positive impact that it brings to others."

Théadora Sauvé,

Million Peacemakers Co-chair

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Million Peacemakers Youth is the perfect opportunity for any young leader who wants to positively impact their community by promoting a sustainable peace culture"


Gianluca Piran Fuselli,
Million Peacemakers Co-chair

Nonflict Events

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Our Partners in Peacemaking

Our projects are made possible thanks to the ongoing support of our valued partners.

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